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Patriotic Eagle Pen with U S Constitution 0211

Patriotic Bolt Action Feather Pen, We The People

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  • Patriotic bolt action feather pen that has the inscription of God Bless America,  American bald eagle flag pocket clip,  and two flying eagles etched on the lower tube.  The main body of this pen is a portion of a war torn U S  American Flag wrapped together with a vintage portion of the U S Constitution.  The flag can be seen topped off with white feathers consistent of those feathers found on the American Bald Eagles head and neck.  A beautiful looking scene with four authentic white feathers,  all overlapping the stars and stripes with the flag in the back ground.  All of this is cast in clear resin that is polished to a very high and durable shine.  Hardware on this pen is Antiqued Brass with a Rose Gold bullet tip, a movable bolt that simulates a bolt action on a rifle to project the pen tip. 

    This pen is equipped with a Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow refill. Your choice of writing tips is available from the menu. If you want the ultimate writing ease and ink transfer pick the Schmidt, the black and blue are 9000 Easy flow refills that write more like a roller ball but are still in the ballpoint family. The Parker black is the standard refill that is also a very good normal writing tip.  Use the menu for your preference.

     Pen ships in a black velour gift box with refill instructions inside.

    Ships within 1 - 3 days of purchase.

    Email me within 7 days after receipt for a refund.

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