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Baroqoo is  an online marketplace, bringing people together to buy and sell handcrafted items. As a buyer, you can find unique items, home décor, gifts for a special occasion, or holiday decorations – custom-made directly from our sellers. As a seller, you have a simple and intuitive platform to sell your handmade goods, giving you the support you need with the independence to run your own shop. We make the process easy for you to sell the things you love or find that unique item you have been looking for. 

Where is Baroqoo based?

  • We are based in Kansas, USA

Can I really sell my items in an Auction format?

  • Yes! Baroqoo lets you sell your items outright or in an auction style format. Buyers will have the ability to bid or buy your products as you choose. Auctions are at no additional cost. We find this useful for our sellers to find out what a product will sell for.

What about wish lists and favorites?

  • Umm Yeah! Baroqoo lets both our sellers and buyers add favorite shops, favorite makes, and add to wish lists.

Can I keep my other online shops?

  • Ofcourse you can! 

    Seller FAQs

    Who can sell on Baroqoo?

    • Everyone that sells handmade goods! (Except current USA sanctioned countries) see terms.

    What do I need to start selling on Baroqoo?

    • All you need is your fabulous handmade items & a PayPal account.

    What could I sell on Baroqoo?

    • Baroqoo ONLY accepts handmade and vintage items. Vintage items need to be classified as "Vintage" (20+ years) or "True Vintage" (50+ years).

    How much does it cost to sell on Baroqoo?

    • We have two plans to fit the needs of all sellers. Please see the seller tab on home page.

    Any additional fees or hidden costs?

    • Baroqoo does not have any hidden costs. What you sign up for is what you get. (Please note, there are 3rd party payment processing fees for each transaction). This is standard for all online sales.
    • There are featured item costs if you choose.

    Can I cancel anytime? 

    • Always! You can cancel right inside your personal dashboard under "Shop info" > "Cancel/Vacation".
    •  ** Please note; Canceling is a two-step process. It is your responsibility to cancel PayPal subscription. If you need assistance, we are here to help.  (There are no partial refunds)

    Will I have my own URL?

    • Yes! You will have a specific Baroqoo URL so you can share your shop, and items for easy marketing.

    Can I add my social media platforms to my shop?

    • Yes! This is part of our Merchant shop plan. You will also be able to add your personal business website to your shop for even more outlet coverage. 

    How do sellers get Paid?

    • Sellers will get paid through PayPal within *24-72 hours after a sale.  This is due to buyers having the ability to pay with multiple sources. We only pay vendors through PayPal. We also collect commissions on the shopkeeper plan. Commissions are deducted before sending payment, not after. Buyer can use multiple methods of payment.
    • The above method will help the smooth transition into collecting taxes as a Marketplace Facilitator, when the time arrives. Since we will be withholding sales taxes in the future for certain states, we will need to be able to hold those taxes for future remitting before sending payable amount to the vendor. 

    *Normally vendors are paid same day. 

    How can buyers purchase?

    • Buyers have the ability to use PayPal or any major Credit Card.

    Do I have printable invoices?

    • Yes! Within your order itself, you can view and print an invoice. You can also add Tracking Numbers directly to the order.

    I do not see a category for my item to list under?

    • No problem! Please contact us at and we will provide assistance.

    Can I sell personalized items?

    • Yes! There will be a customized text area during checkout of your particular item. The buyer can also contact you directly through your shop page.

    Can I sell downloaded items?

    • This will be during next update. Many sellers just email the item after payment.

    Do you have multiple currency?

    • Yes! You have the ability to show listings as a buyer in your currency.  Please click the drop down inside the top right corner of the home page to change at anytime. If you do not see a currency you would like to use, please let us know. The default currency is USD.

    Can I make coupons & discounts?

    • Yes! You could even set up points for buyers, all inside your dashboard.

    Can I have my shop in vacation mode?

    • Yes! This is an option inside your dash. Please go to "Shop info" and then "Cancel/Vacation". No limits to this option.

    How does shipping work?

    • Shipping is defined by you as a seller. You create your own policy for this. You can filter by counties, ship worldwide or, ship national only. Each listing has it's own shipping input. 

    Do you have a support team?

    • Yes! Baroqoo has your back. Please contact us if you need assistance. 

    What about the “Marketplace Facilitator” Tax Law?

    • Baroqoo is fully aware of these ongoing tax changes and requirements. Baroqoo has not met the threshold criteria to be defined as a Marketplace Facilitator. Each state requires a certain amount of gross income of sales from that individual state, by the marketplace, to be defined as such. This ranges from 100k to 500k depending on the state.
    • Baroqoo will give notice when we are required by law to become a facilitator for those states we meet the criteria of. When this happens, Baroqoo will need to collect and remit sales taxes for the vendors at that time. Until then, vendors if required, are to continue to collect sales taxes from there nexus.

    Buyer FAQs

    How do refunds work?

    • Refunds are determined by the individual seller. Please see the seller details inside their shop or in product details.

    How do I contact a seller about an item or order?

    • It is easy! There will be a "contact seller" tab inside the products page and their shop. This will contact the seller directly.

    How do I pay for an item on Baroqoo?

    • You may pay using a major credit card or by PayPal.

    When Will I receive my order?

    • This information will be provided by the seller. 

    How do I cancel, return, or get a refund for an order?

    • Please contact the seller as soon as possible. Our sellers have different policies that will determine the outcome of such requests. You will be able to navigate these tasks inside your orders page. If you will need further assistance in this matter, Baroqoo will gladly help facilitate.

    Why can't I purchase an item?

    • The item might not ship to your location. If you continue to have issues with a certain item, please contact the seller for other arrangements.

    How do I leave feedback?

    • In order to leave feedback, track your favorite items, favorite shops and buy items, you will need to sign up for an account. This process is very simple and is done in one easy step. 

    Do you have multiple currency?

    • Yes! You have the ability to have your currency view. Please click in the top right corner of the home page to change at anytime.

    Can I bid on items?

    • Yes! Baroqoo gives our sellers the ability to set items as an auction setting. You will be able to easily see recent bids in real time, and bid directly for a product. Super easy!

    Do my orders have tracking?

    • Baroqoo lets you track your shipment inside your orders page if the seller provides the tracking numbers. This is ultimately up to the seller and you will receive a confirmation email if so.

    Regardless of the question or issue at hand, please know Baroqoo has your back! 

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